In the modern world, there are few things harder than the government to protect the security of their borders. Australia is no different. Perhaps one of the simplest of travel visas available is ETA visa travel. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority and represents the fact that this visa will no longer take the form of a stamp in your passport.

Conversely, if approved, authorizations are stored electronically to your passport number. The only requirement set for those who apply for Australia visitor visa is that they hold a passport in one of the thirty-four countries that were approved.

However, do not assume that just because you meet these requirements then you will automatically qualify for a visa, it just does not happen. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not book a flight until the visa has been approved, ensure that you will not be disappointed.

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A tourist visa valid for twelve months which allows you to travel to Australia several times with each stay lasting no more than three months. It is possible to study in Australia using this visa on condition that the course lasts no longer than the maximum period of stay.

Another very popular type of Australian travel visa is a working holiday visa. To meet this requirement, applicants should be aged between 18 and 30 years, hold a return ticket or proof that you have sufficient funds to buy one and to cover your stay.

If you have a working holiday visa then you will be entitled to stay in Australia for a period of twelve months and do the job temporarily.