Anklets can provide different levels of support from mild to severe. It is therefore important to use suitable reinforcement to allow his ankle to heal properly. Support is not sufficient to support that can prolong the healing process and lead to a possible re-injury. Braces are classified by the severity of the injury: Grade 1 and Grade 2. If you are looking for the perfect Ankle Braces then you can check this link

To choose the right orthotics, you have to know what degree of injury you have.

Find the anklet that is right for your injury selecting the degree of injury that best suits your symptoms:

Grade 1: Mild symptoms

Or little or no swelling

Or mild pain

Or a limited range of slight movement

Or weight-bearing and walking are still possible

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If you have a mild grade 1 sprain, use a compression brace that fits snugly, but allows the range of motion of the ankle. This type of device is intended to assist with very soft joint support and provide compression to help reduce swelling. You can use either an elastic neoprene knee brace.

Grade 2: Moderate symptoms

Intense or mild swelling

Moderate pain or

Or moderately limited range of motion

Or weight-bearing and walking are impaired

If you have a moderate grade 2 sprain, using a brace that compresses the joint and provides more intensive support, with plastic or metal stays. Stays help take the injured ligament and not only protect the joint from further injury but provide welcome relief and stability.