More than just playing and cuddling, every pet owner should know that there are many other things that our pets need. Remember that obedient and responsible owners know their responsibility for the quality of pet care services our pets receive.

One of the most important care services for pets is regular visits to the vet. In addition to regular general checkups, planned vet visits also protect our animals from future emergencies. Your donation can save the lives of pets who are facing a health problem.

Regular visits to veterinary clinics provide our pets with, for example, planned vaccinations, flea treatment and other grooming needs. Immunization against various infections and bacteria is very important in extending the life of our pets. It also increases your body's ability to protect and heal itself to avoid unnecessary visits to the veterinary clinic.

However, pet owners should also be careful with over-vaccinating. Recent studies by major veterinary associations have shown that frequent vaccinations can trigger allergies and, above all, cancer. 

Flea treatment, on the other hand, is also a service relevant to the health of our animals. Despite their microscopic size, fleas have the ability to slowly cause weight loss in our pets. So if they are not treated immediately or taken to the veterinary clinic on time, pets suffering from flea problems can die.

Flea medications, from sprays to oral medications, are available in the market today. Discuss the best treatment for your pet with your veterinarian.

When it comes to caring for pets, more and more people are becoming aware of what their pets look like. This is of course secondary to hygiene practices which should be emphasized when using maintenance services. Haircuts can be done at home, at a veterinary clinic, veterinary clinic, or at a pet salon. This service usually consists of a haircut, nail clipping, and tooth brushing.