What's a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a publicly available online knowledge base that lets you employ lean-agile practices at the business level. It gives a very simple and lightweight experience for application development. You can get in touch with the best company that provides SAFe consulting online at https://prettyagile.com/.

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SAFe enables group,

Implementing Lean-Agile applications and systems at the business level

  • It is predicated on Lean and Agile principles.
  • It provides detailed advice for work in the business Portfolio, Value Stream, Program, and Team.
  • It is intended to satisfy the requirements of stakeholders within a company.

Why use Agile Framework

  • It's easier and lighter in weight, yet it expands to deal with the requirements of large value flows and intricate system development. By executing an Agile Framework, you may have subsequent advantages,
  • A thorough framework diagram can be found on the site. It shows each of the major functions, Tasks, deliverables, and leaks.  

When to Utilize Scaled Agile Framework

  • When a staff is interested to employ an agile approach consistently across bigger, multi-team applications and portfolios.
  • When numerous groups are conducting their particular method of agile execution but frequently confronting challenges, challenges, and failures.
  • When groups wish to operate independently.
  • Once an organization needs to increase its product development lead time and wish to understand how other companies have succeeded in scaling Agile with SAFe.