Reiki is a well-established alternative healing methodology. The art of Reiki has its roots in Japan and is supposed to have been rediscovered by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

Started around 1922 in Japan, the healing form was taught by Usui to an estimated 2000 followers and today has traveled all across the globe and assumed many different forms. It follows what is known as hands-on-healing or lay-on-hands healing. You can also know more about cho ku rei symbol online.

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Reiki is based on the concept that life force flows through the physical form. This life force is known as qi or chi. Although there is no empirical evidence to support the existence of this force, Reiki practitioners such as prominent Chicago practitioners.

Many others believe that such a force does indeed exist. This force is supposed to travel through what is known as chakras and Nadis.

It is believed that the flow of this life force through the human body is disrupted by negative thoughts and feelings. Such disruption causes hiccups in the function of vital organs in the body.

Reiki is believed to heal by flowing through the parts influenced by the negativity and bringing along positive energy. The vibration of the positive energy disturbs the negative energy causing it to fall away.