Patterns are organized arrangement of design elements such as points, lines, shapes, textures, colors etc. on the surface using the proper technique for decorating. Patterning is an experimental process since the resulting design cannot be predicted by the artist.

Patterns can be used as the design for paper bags, clothing, greeting cards, suburban, wreath or tassels, and pop-ups. There are several techniques in pattern making. You can also buy best diamond painting kits in Brisbane.

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Examples of the technique of making sponge pattern, veins, blowing, spraying, sprinkling, stippling, String Attractive, Wax-resist / crayon batik, Marbling, writing, rubbing it in, rubbing-out etc.


This technique involves the use of a sponge pattern making as a key tool for the creation of a pattern. Sponge can be placed or spread on the material. Paint or ink and then smeared with foam in an open area of the sponge. Paint or ink can also be sprayed onto the material after putting a sponge.


It is the application of paint or color spilled through the small holes of the diffuser spray or atomizer. Spray can or container filled with different colored pigments or inks and sprayed one by one to the material in some way to create an interesting design. Paper to write calligraphy and other forms of wall hanging decorated with a spray pattern in color varieties.

String of Interest:

This is a technique of creating patterns on the material using strings. This string is immersed in the color pigment or ink. Colored string is then drawn to the color of the spill on the material to make decorative patterns on paper.