Selling to businesses presents marketing challenges very different from selling to consumers. Mass advertising techniques won't work as well, as businesses engage in more focused searches for vendors when needs arise.

When crafting an online campaign using either search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising, choose keywords which residential cleaning services are not competing for as well. By always including words like "office", "store", "commercial", "janitor", and "janitorial", you will avoid paying for clicks by those who are looking for home cleaning or maid services.

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Your competitors are still likely using the yellow pages and you should at lease purchase a basic listing. The point is to be associated with the top competition each time businesses open up their phone directory to look for cleaners.

By promoting your services to commercial landlords you can open the door to referrals to tens or hundreds of tenants.

Promote the fact that you are an insured, licensed, bonded service, and seek to be added to a landlord's list for pre-approved vendors for their buildings.

By cleaning multiple businesses in one building you will keep your costs down and take advantage of fast word-of-mouth as business owners start to make referrals to each other about the services they use.

Another possibility of steady work is to seek relationships with event spaces, catering halls, and conference centers.

These businesses require consistent and deep cleaning after event set-ups and after events load out. Advertise your services in event industry publications in the local area or contact event space managers directly to reach this target market.