There are a lot of things from our childhood that we remember – certain activities or special events. There is much more we forget, of course, but this article celebrates some of the more popular memories often with the children.

1. Kayaking

Because we tend to not go kayaking in this country too often, activities of this nature are often something we would do abroad while on a great holiday.

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As a result, we will always look back and remember well, although probably one thing that made it stand out for the kids is that you're doing something really dangerous.

Electron Maze

As you were told before you enter, you must wear a helmet and there is a very real chance of serious injury if you fall out of the kayak into the water.

You are given a comprehensive lesson on what to do if something goes wrong and then, and only then, can you depart. As a result, today's impressive as it results in a real sense an opportunity.

2. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Not a lot of kids who are lucky enough to go on a hot air balloon, but for those who do are often very vivid memory years later.

Because children are very small, it is one of the few times that they will get a chance to bounce head adults, high into the sky, which means that during the trip, at least, they could look down on so much more.

Hot air balloon rides are very encouraging, and the consequences for children who can go to them they are a cherished memory.