First, buy a map of the area and choose a few criteria to focus your search and further restrict your search area. Some of the considerations are more obvious than others are.

For example, you know you'll need a job and that, in your field, the prospects of finding one will dramatically improve with your proximity to larger urban areas Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. If you are looking for Modern living in Morningside heights then you can browse various online sources.

However, you also know that, with your luck, it's more than likely you will get a job in West Palm Beach are likely and possibly a day after the ink dried on rent your apartment in a community in the midst of one of the more prominent towns.

You decided to hedge your bets and look at the striking area of Southern-Northern Palm Beach County Broward County, somewhat equidistant in time and space between the polar extremes of West Palm Beach and Miami.

To further minimize the potential for the time change, you may think it's probably a good idea to find a place near the two north-south major highways in the area, I-95 and the Florida Turnpike.

Viewing still too many choices on your list, you know that more people limit themselves to moderate the price will be sure to eliminate both extreme high end and more affordable.

You will soon found out that the search for a moderate price will also narrow the geographic scope of your search because you will now be looking too cheap to be near the Atlantic Ocean, but it is quite expensive to avoid sleeping with alligators in the glades.