With scoliosis spine bent and twisted in the normal way, often sideways. Often defect occurs in the opposite direction at some point so that this condition is not easily visible without close inspection. Injury, paralysis, arthritis, or certain other conditions can cause scoliosis.

With the most common type, idiopathic scoliosis, the spine grows asymmetrically, yet unknown causes of asymmetric growth.

Idiopathic scoliosis often begins in infancy or early puberty and progress during the child grows. This condition can gradually become very severe. Therefore, it must be detected early so that treatment is started in time. You can get to know about Scoliosis treatment via https://hiyh.info/id_ID/skoliosis-bahaya-bedah-tulang-belakang/.

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Most children are checked for scoliosis during physical examination or well-child in school. But the program for scoliosis checks is not often inconsistent, or checks carried out too infrequently.

You stand or sit in the backseat of a child.

Back to be illuminated properly. First take a broad overview on the back of your child from the top of head to his feet. Check to see if the body as a whole is symmetric and without bends or twists.

Then let the child to change his team for you, then let him change it so you look at the belly, and then further to the other side and finally turned around so that the back of your facial aging.

Take a broad picture of the child from top to bottom as well in front and side as he turned. Visible each time to see if anything looks asymmetrical or bent.