Are you going to buy an esky without a cover? Well, the pool is similar when it comes to covering your pool. When summer comes, it's fun in the sun and at the party!

We will look carefully at the benefits of using pool covers and buy and install pool covers and rollers for your pool. You can browse the web to get the automatic swimming pool cover reel/roller.

We suspect that some pool and spa manufacturers underestimate the value of coverin place for potential customers. They often provide auditors with the most basic cover to cut final costs. This often means that the cover provided is of lower quality and difficult to use.

And if you have a cover that is difficult to use, you know what? You will never use it.

Pool cover reduces heat loss in heated pools and minimizes evaporation. The right swimming pool cover is easy to use and the benefits are clear. So let's get started?

How can you save money by getting pool covers?

    Save more from the sun's heat.

    Some pool ceilings can heat your pool up to 8 degrees Celsius for free!

    Save up to 10,000 liters of water per month.

    Reducing evaporation means reducing water consumption! Good for wallets, good for the environment!

    Save money when cleaned.

    Protect from dirt and leaves.

    Save chemicals.

    Reduce the use of salt and chemicals by 50%.

    Bend and turn on after 30 seconds.

    Save evaporation.

    Reduces evaporation by 97%.