The iPad cannot be compared to many electronic products on the market today. Kindle is the closest competitor to iPad. You can now look for the best iPads by clicking at-

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The advantage of the iPad over the Kindle: it comes with flash, flash and looks really good too. It also has a color LCD which looks better than most LCDs. The screen is bigger and easier to use. You can also use a two-sided view of the screen. It's easier to use than Kindle as it has a touch screen and is great to search for.

The wage change is calculated for challenging animations and higher speeds. It has a backlit LCD which comes in handy when reading at night and doesn't require additional light. You can also adjust the screen brightness as needed.

Many users reported that they experienced no eye strain from the increased reading session on the iPad. This is very common in people who have had long reading sessions on LCD screens. Individual words can be highlighted on iPad. Avoid buying a separate e-book reader as these have their own integrated e-book reader

If users focus on reading books, Kindle is the best choice. However, some users use a minimal e-book reader and focus more on other functions such as using the world wide web, media options, and many other multitasking features. In that case, the iPad is a great choice.