When it comes to differentiating between different types of beans, there is a lot to discuss as there are many different types of coffee beans grown all over the world. For coffee lovers like you, this article is limited to four well-known types of beans. If you are looking forward to tasting the coffee then you can search for Serenity Garden tea house & cafe, West Palm Beach, FL.

According to the coffee bartender, there are four types of coffee beans at the Liverpool cafe, which are listed below:

  • Arabica,

  • Robusta,

  • Liberica,

  • Excelsa

Arabica: As the most preferred coffee bean, this type of coffee bean accounts for more than 60% of global coffee production. It grows very carefully. In general, coffee made from these beans should be eaten hot for the best taste.

Robusta: Robusta is considered to be the second most preferred grain in the world. Coffee beans are larger and rounder than other types of coffee beans. It is mainly grown in Indonesia and Africa. Contains more caffeine than arabica beans. 

Liberica: As one of the grains that are irregular in shape, Liberica offers a unique fruity and smoked aroma. These nuts are well known for their distinctive flavour profile. People often mix these types of beans with arabica or robusta to add a unique flavour to their morning cup of coffee.

Excelsa: This type of coffee bean is mainly grown in Southeast Asia and only accounts for 8% of the global coffee cycle. This bean family was recently re-categorized as members of Liberica. It's often used in blends to add extra flavour to coffee.