A classic massage treatment that combines a heated stone called the Hot Stone Massage. Not just any ordinary stone used in this massage but the rock that effectively absorbs and retains heat like basalt (volcanic black rock). The stones also should be smooth and have no rough edges.

Before your appointment at the spa day, stones were first cleaned by the therapist who then heats the water with a temperature of 120 to 150 degrees. Heated stone can be placed on certain body parts such as the spine, hands, stomach and in between the toes to allow the flow of energy in the body.

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The therapist can also use stone instead of his hands to massage the body. cold stones are used instead of hot stones when muscles are inflamed or injured.

The stones used in massage treatments are of various sizes and shapes. In case you feel the stones are too hot, then tell your therapist immediately. Due to the heat of the rock is mainly responsible to relax and ease out the tense muscles, the therapist need not exert too much pressure on massaging.

In general, hot stone massage promotes the benefits of the body with absolute relaxation and muscle tissue, reducing stress in the body, releasing toxins from the body, relieve aches and pains, improves the function of blood circulation and calm the mind. Hot Stone Massage also helps in treating arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.