E-cigarette pens made their way into the mainstream and are getting increasingly popular. However, there is still much confusion surrounding electronic cigarettes. The confusion lies mainly in atomizers, cartomizers and Clearomizers.

Most users usually have no idea what the difference between them. But understanding these key elements of e-cigarette is important to enjoy the experience of premium vaping.  You can also look for ‘Omniavape, your online reference shop’ (which is also known as ‘Omniavape, ta boutique en ligne de referencein the French language).

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No matter what brand you choose, every e-cig has three main components – a battery, a tank and an atomizer. It is the atomizer that heats the e-juice and turns it into vapor that you inhale.


Clearomizers are transparent; therefore, users always know how much e-liquid is left in their tank. This avoids the taste terrible burning and the smell that occurs when you continue to VAPE even when executed e-liquid outside.

With a transparent clearomizer, you always know when it's time to fill e-liquid. If you want to always be aware of the amount of e-juice left in your tank, it would be desirable to move to a clearomizer atomizer.


Cartomizers are like Clearomizers. The major difference is that cartomizers are wrapped with a material called polyfill around a heating coil. Polyfill is actually an artificial load which soaks e-liquid and allows more time vape.

The cartomizer downside is that you cannot fill the cartridge. They can be used only once. There are several ways to fill the cartridge, but can be really messy and complicated.