India, the land of Gods and natural beauty offers some cultural experiences for tourists who are planning to visit here.  Religious shrine, holy rivers, ancient texts, heritage buildings, forts and palaces, markets, fairs and festivals leaves an unforgettable impression in the minds of tourists seeking cultural heritage.

Here, children are taught to rely on the practices of their own spiritual culture and resist the lure of a materialistic world. Sanskrit literature the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata depicts the ancient culture of India.

You may find many ways to explore India but you may also opt for study abroad program in India for foreign students.

Most modern tradition and custom have its roots in the ancient scriptures. Fold your hands (Namaste) has turned into a well-known international practice of welcoming others.

The rich cultural heritage of India has always been a hot topic of discussion among historians, academics and writers around the world.

Good relations between the different communities and people from different religions make this country the perfect place to live and thrive.

It is a nation of sand, sea, rivers, lakes and snow-capped mountains that offer a variety of tastes tourism such as cultural tourism, village tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tours and heritage tourism.

Indian culture is a phenomenon spread rapidly across the country. Here, the lactating dogs or wild beggars considered pious activities, and they never feel neglected and unloved. Here, guests are treated as next to God. You do not need an appointment before visiting each house.