Thinking of renovating your home with wallpaper? Here are the few considerations that you need to think of.

Color / Pattern – This is largely a personal decision; however, there are simple things you can do to choose the color / pattern that really works. You may think of scalamandre zebra wall covering that may look best for your room.

If you like pink wallpapers and the rest of your home is done with marble, I would recommend deviating from your personal preferences and choosing something that will last and add value to your home instead of taking it away.

There are several guidelines to help you choose colors that suit your environment. The simple rule is the choice of colors and patterns. For example, if you think green and the opposite wall is burgundy. Choose the same green color with Burgundy. Don't choose it as shiny green if burgundy has a light matte shadow.

Types – There are various types of wallpapers, and many of them depend on your application and budget. For example, vinyl wallpaper is very durable and ideal for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms because it can be cleaned and does not retain stains.

There are various aspects of wallpaper that I haven't discussed. I recommend talking to a professional at a wallpaper shop.