One of the big problems that many owners of outdoor swimming pools face is not being able to use their pool for the full 12 months of the year. Anyone living in a temperate four-season climate will find that the autumn and winter months can prove too cold for swimming, even in a heated pool.

The problem is that, whilst it is possible to heat up the pool's water to a suitable bathing level, the outdoor environment makes getting into and out of the pool a "chilling" experience. You can browse online to know about professional pool service in Suffolk County.

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There is, of course, a solution and it is simply to protect the pool with some kind of cover that offers sufficient space to allow swimming beneath it.

Enclosure options

When it comes to swimming pool enclosures there are three main options.

  • The first is a temporary inflatable cover that can be erected and then removed each time the pool is used. This type of cover, typically a bubble or pool dome, is secured around the perimeter of the pool and then inflated.
  • The second option is a telescopic enclosure. These enclosures are normally metal framed with safety glass or polythene (like a polytunnel) and they slide over the pool providing some protection and plenty of light.
  • The third option is the pool house, a proper permanent structure built to house the swimming pool. This option is the only one that genuinely offers the opportunity to use the pool 365 days a year, irrespective of outside conditions.