Camping in tents or sleeping on hard ground is not everyone's idea of a meaningful experience with nature. Nowadays, camping trips often mean "improvised" in recreational vehicles.

Make sense. Most Baby Boomers graduate from backpacking and even tent camping. Uneven rocky lumps are not as forgiving as they once were. Many campers today are looking for something a little more comfortable. You can get top rated RV rentals in San Diego, CA at

A motorbike, travel trailer, or other RV such as a small cabin on wheels – usually complete with a stove, oven, shower fridge, toilet, bed, heater, and 12-volt electricity.

Smaller units may not have showers or hot water. However, some rigs have a lounge area, air conditioning, bathtub, microwave oven, built-in color television, and a generator for extra power.

More often than not lately, RVs are equipped with at least one slide-out space. Press the button and the side of the RV extends out, expanding the interior living room.

When asked why they like the RV lifestyle, RVers cite the comfort of cooking their own food, sleeping in their own beds and taking a hot shower anywhere, anytime, even in a remote camp. They also mentioned that with their RV always full and ready to go.

Compared to car trips, where motorcyclists eat in restaurants and sleep in motels, vacationing in an RV is economical.

Gasoline and campsites are the main expenses. Food costs the same as at home because you cook your own food. And although fuel prices have risen in recent times, most RVers say they will continue to travel. The sales of recreational vehicles in 2005 were the highest of all time.