You may have seen the early construction process of a log unit in the case of churches of old barns. Well, the process of building your own log home is exactly the same. 

Timber framing is a method that creates framed structures of heavy timber jointed together with lap jointing and using diagonal bracing; this way, it prevents the movements of the vertical beams. You can get more information regarding the timber frame wall via

The most common framing method is the post-and beams one, that uses horizontal and vertical logs in order to strengthen the structure of the home. 

The vertical timbers include the posts and the wall studs, while the horizontal timbers include sill-beams, noggin-pieces and wall-plates.

This type of framing dates back to Neolithic times and it is a traditional building method in countries like Germany, Denmark, Japan, England, Scotland and France. Due to its great advantages, a lot of people worldwide opt for this construction method:

Framing offers high energy efficiency due to frame enclosure. Many timber frame providers advise people to opt for structural insulated panels (SIP).

Timber framing uses heavy wood posts and beams that add warmth, beauty and character to your home.

Timber framing is able to provide the log home with plenty of open spaces that so many people dream about; this is possible by making use of trusses.