The doors are used for countless purposes, the basic ones being: security, privacy, convenience and block unwanted noise and distractions. The doors not only make simple, unappealing walls look exquisite, they also capture one's attention. It must, however, keep in mind that there are many things that contribute to the achievement of a door.

There are different types of doors, like a trap, a blast door, a garden gate and a cat flap. To fit the door at your home you may require door hardware fittings. You can buy door hardware fittings online (which is also known as maskinvare beslag p nettet in Norwegian language) or you can also visit any nearby store.

A door is composed of several parts, for example, a door lock which is a device that is used for opening and closing a door mechanically. Another part is integral hinges which helps to join a part of a door on the frame allowing the other end to oscillate back and forth, according to the condition.

Then comes the door handle. Many doors have a door handle with a latch attached. Some doors, however, have screwed buttons available to them, which must be turned in order to release the lock.

There are many types of household handles. The Boss Bar, which has recently introduced on the market, has a European origin. It consists of a very special design. The bar is located in the two side fasteners which gives it a very fashionable look. Boss handles are very sophisticated and elegant, are also durable and long lasting.