The arts of Oceania are divided into two main classes, according to the years before and after. Indigenous Australian rock paintings and carvings believed to be over 40,000 years old are the oldest surviving works of oceanic art.

The history of ocean art is replete with complex cosmogonic and mythical foundation systems. Religion and ritual have a profound impact on every element of oceanic life and their relationship to art, especially if they are closely related.

There are several oceanic art museums and galleries in New York where you can find unique and authentic marine art. Pace african and Oceanic art gallery  is very popular among people for their unique sculptures and figures.

oceanic art gallery,

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Inspirational spiritual symbolism is not only the objects, dances and language used in rituals, but also the materials and tools from which they are made. There are many concentrations of oceanic ritual objects in the gallery, especially the oceanic masks used in the ritual. 

What they make of this series is that they only use organic materials to create them as Oceania's main art form is wood sculpture and most of these masks are made of wood. Materials such as leaves, hair and several dyes are added.

The most effective areas faced with this mask are Melanesia and Polynesia; Recently, masks have become common in the former, but rarely in the second. 

Masks are one of the most important ritualistic items that can be used to represent the characteristics of the deceased, either to honor them or to forge a relationship with the rest of the spiritual world through masks.