Closed-circuit television systems or CCTV can be found in many homes, offices, shops, and businesses these days. The system basically involves the use of video cameras which transmit the captured pictures to a set of monitors.

It is even used on schools and university campuses to monitor and track student activity which is uncomfortable. Let's take a look at some of the reasons people want to use CCTV. 

Perhaps the most important reason people want to install a CCTV system is to catch criminals. For example, a major problem with large retail stores is shoplifting. There are many companies that provide the best CCTV installation services in Sydney.

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It is often very difficult to monitor the activity of every shopper in such stores, which makes stealing goods an easy task for these criminals.

CCTV cameras make it easy to monitor such activity while sitting in an enclosed space that has a view of all the cameras installed in the shop.

This way, the business can easily be logged and recorded before the swag is separated. Also, knowing that cameras monitor their every move, buyers are less likely to enjoy a foreclosure without paying for it.

In some companies, managers may want to monitor how their trainees interact with customers. Customer service managers who are new to their job may need guidance on how to handle requests from customers visiting their offices. This is especially necessary when working with frustrated or angry customers.