An HR may feel overwhelmed once in a while. Yes. They have to manage the payroll. Payroll can be a tedious and complex task. Errors are inevitable when payroll is done manually. Why?

That's because 

  • They must do this for all employees.
  • They must comply with all tax laws.
  • They must verify attendance and calculate the salary accordingly.
  • Sometimes they may also be required to pay overtime and comp. Arrears, etc.

A mistake in one of these calculations can lead to an incorrect payroll. After years of manually managing payroll, meticulously and dedicating a lot of time, it is still difficult to get it right. It is obvious that a reliable HR and payroll system is needed. Although most companies have already adopted payroll software in Singapore, others are still waiting to do so.

This blog is for HR software users who are just starting to invest or those who are still uncertain. Have a look!

Reduce operational costs to drive value 

You can save a lot by investing a little. Automation is a great tool. Your organization can save time and money by choosing the right payroll software. This time can be used to do something more advanced, such as developing new growth strategies and working with them. HRs might then be able to focus on employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Increasing compliance to drive value

It is difficult to keep up with all the tax laws and employee remuneration laws. They change all the time. The software can simplify the process. The software can automate certain tasks, such as the calculation of the Provident Fund for each employee. This will reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Eliminating errors is key to maximizing value

Any type of automation reduces errors. Many errors can be eliminated when HR functions are automated. The salary amount for employees is easily calculated by including leaves, arrears, and absences.