Green Base Health Consulting is a brand new naturopathic clinic that started in January 2015. This lively, urban environment clinic area is to reevaluate the naturopathic approach to your health care. We guarantee that you have never seen medical care similar to this, and we invite you to experience the benefits first-hand. You can also get in touch with naturopathic consultation from various online sources.

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The Naturopathic Clinic is located in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, an up-and-coming neighborhood surrounded by tech businesses, healthy individual cafes, a health center, and beautifully renovated condos. Upon entering the area, the classic and rigid atmosphere of the clinic instantly dissolves with a sense of calm and relaxation.

Tea or warm water is provided and you are encouraged to sit and relax in the waiting room before your appointment time. Inspired by current research and health magazines, Green Base radiates relaxation and everyday life with healthy practices. It is possible to live a youthful, urban lifestyle in today's society and embody your perfect well-being.

Where does a naturopathic clinic relate to the rest of your medical care? In our current system, there is an emphasis on symptomatic remedies that concoct short-term remedies and potential complications. We admit that this is an essential part of the medication.

We build the foundation for your health, which means you can work toward the long-term well-being you envision. Green Base is a naturopathic clinic that provides a sustainable and natural complementary approach to enhance and optimize your current therapy plans and your total well-being. We do not support naturopathic medicine as opposed to traditional therapies.